Grandparents’ Profile

Sponsored Grandparents

1) Kanchhi Tamang – 86 years old


Kanchhi in her temporary shelter

 A resident of Dubechaur, Bhimdhunga-11, Kanchhi Tamang has been living on her own for decades. Although a mother of 3 (2 sons and 1 daughter), she was forced to live alone with little or no care from her sons and occasional support from her married daughter who lives near the Bhimdhunga Bus Park. Her husband had passed away 40 years ago leaving her alone to take care of her children on her own.  According to her neighbours, before RH started the ‘Sponsor a Grandparent’ program, she used to sleep hungry unless her neighbours brought her something to eat.

Kanchhi Tamang is currently sponsored by Januka Shrestha and Padam Thapa Magar starting from on 2073/04/1 B.S (July 16, 2016).


2) Maili Tamang (B) – 66 years old

Maili Tamang(B)

Maili during SAG event

Maili Tamang was one of the first elders supported by RH, after the earthquake. Her husband had passed away 20 years ago by slipping down a hill while going to work in another village. She lives in Bhimdhunga-11 on her own in a transitional shelter supported by RH. She has two kids, one son and one daughter. Her daughter is already married and lives with her family and her son is out of her contact for a long time. She has a goat and a few chickens as income source which she is unable to take care of due to her old age.

She has recently (from Chaitra 2073) been sponsored by Supriya Shrestha, a resident of Kathmandu, and will be supporting for her ration from Baisakh 2074 B.S (April 2017).


3) Saili Tamang (Purna bdr. Tamang) – 67 years old

Saili Tamang (2)

 Saili Tamang (67) and Purna Bahadur Tamang (70) are an elderly couple living in Thaple, Nagarjuna -11 which is located at about an hour of hike from Bhimdhunga Bus park. Purna Bahadur Tamang who used to be a farmer and a mason during his young days was stuck in the rubble of his broken house during the earthquake. His neighbors and the army men that lived nearby in the barrack helped in his rescue while his 74 year old wife Saili Tamang had been to Kathmandu to sell vegetables. “I was quite sure that my husband died. He is so old and cannot even move himself on his own. I was trapped at the city for 3 days because the communication was broken and the earth trembled quite once and then. For the whole 3 days I kept crying thinking about him. But I don’t know what is still there that he is supposed to see. Some of my neighbours and the army that live nearby had rescued him. While I came back he was sitting helplessly, half wet and hungry in the field where once was our house.” Purna Bahadur Tamang is suffering from Spinal cord dysfunction. He is unable to walk on his own or do anything as so without seeking someone else’s support.
RH helped them with the transitional shelter and has included them in the SAG program since its launch. They are currently being sponsored by Sunny Manandhar who lives in the U.S and has committed on supporting them.

4) Krishna Maya Pariyar – 63 years old


Krishnamaya in her transitional shelter

Krishna Maya Pariyar lives in Lamtu, Bhimdhnga-11. Although she raised 3 children with all that she had, she never got back the affection and respect she deserved. Before the mega quake that divested her house Krishna Maya had been living on her own. She would take care of her daily duties and manage rations and provisions for herself while her sons would live their own “separate” lives. After the earthquake destroyed all of the houses of her 3 sons and her own house, they lived as a family under same roof, broken and wet though it was. Krishna Maya’s husband expired long ago and her sons separated along with the property following his death. Krishna Maya was left along to live a life that had always been a trouble for her because she also belonged to the so-called “low caste”. Krishna Maya had a hard time gathering support for her just because of the same reason. The RH team reached out to her and helped reconstruct her shelter and now she has been living in her CGI house with monthly ration provided by RH as the only source of food.

Sunil Bhujel, who is currently living in Qatar has committed to support her and sponsored her since  Shrawan 18, 2073 B.S (2nd August, 2016).

5) Batuli Tamang - 70 Years old

Batuli Tamang

Batuli Tamang is a 70 Years old single woman who lives alone in Majhuwa, Bhimdhunga – 11.  Although a mother of two sons, both of her children have separated their own ways and rarely in contact. She is a single woman whose husband died of Asthma a long time ago. After that, she was on her own and had to survive on whatever she could get her hands on. As she grew old, her strength to work deteriorated with her age. Cheerful in nature, Batuli is always positive about life and says that whatever happens, happens for a reason.

RH started the SAG program and included her in the support after which she said that she can now survive with the support for the rest of her life.

Batuli is currently being sponsored by Sarita Bhandari Kandel.

6) Kafal Chari Tamang – 60 years old

Kafal Chari 2

Kafal Chari Tamang, a mother of 3 sons, lives in Majhuwa Tole of Bhimdhunga-11. Two of her sons work as stone carriers and 1 of them is unemployed. Her husband had passed away 20 years ago due to excessive drinking habit. Her sons live nearby but have a negative attitude towards her and even threaten to kick her out of the shelter at times, she said. Her daily routine is to wake up, have tea, cook lunch/dinner for herself and stay at home for the rest of the day.  Unable to work in the fields, she was considered ‘unproductive’ by her sons and left hungry for days. She said she hasn’t had to complain since SAG program was initiated and doesn’t have to rely on other’s pity for food.

Manju Limbu Subba from Kathmandu is currently sponsoring her.


7) Ram Maya Tamang – 63 years old

Ram Maya Tamang

Ram Maya Tamang is a widow with no children of her own. Her husband had passed away 17 years ago while working as a labour in a village nearby theirs. Her brother-in-law, who is also a labour, lives nearby and occasionally supports her with food and clothing. Her only companion is her brother-in-law’s daughter who likes to spend time with Ram Maya. She is also suffering from chronic cough which makes it hard for her to work and the old age doesn’t help much either.

RH has been supporting her with food and non food items since the beginning of the SAG project and now Mr. Sunil Bhujel is currently supporting her.


8) Maili Tamang (A) – 101 Years Old

Maili Tamang(A) jpg

Maili and Buhari jpg

Maili with her daughter-in-law

90 Years old Maili Tamang (A) is a resident of Majhuwa, Bhimdhunga – 11. She lives with her only daughter in law (Sanu Kanchhi Tamang) as her son had passed away while they were just married. With no land for cultivation and no other income source, they had been living in misery for a long time and the earthquake of 2015 proved to be heartbreaking for both of them. RH found out about them during the survey and helped them build a transitional shelter where both of them reside till date. The SAG program helps them both with basic monthly ration and non food items (washing, bathing soap) which has helped them for a year now.

Kranti Subba Coonord from U.S has pledged to support the duo living under the same roof.

Name list of Sponsored grandparents:

  1. Kanchhi Tamang
  2. Maili Tamang (B)
  3. Krishna Maya Pariyar
  4. Purna Bdr. and Saili Tamang
  5. Batuli Tamang
  6. Kafal Chari Tamang
  7. Ram Maya Tamang
  8. Maili Tamang (A)

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