Sponsor a Grandparent


Right after the massive earthquake, RH started construction of transitional shelters for senior citizens in Bhimdhunga, Irkhu and Kavre. With the help of supporters within and outside Nepal, RH was able to construct 21 shelters for the elderly. But the support doesn’t end here.

RH has started a new project named ‘Sponsor a Grandparent’ which, as the name suggests, supports senior citizens in need with basic (food and non food) supplies. The main target groups for this project are the elders who are either living alone, those who cannot work or raise livelihood or who have been abandoned by their children. RH aims to help these elderly every month with ration, toiletries and some cash support enough for each month. The project started with support to 6 senior citizens in Bhimdhunga and currently we are supporting 8 senior citizens and looks forward to expand the reach of the support in coming years.

You can also be a part of the support program either by adopting a senior citizen or provide one time support to the elders. Contact at info@reapinghope.org.np or reapinghope@gmail.com for inquiries on ways to help.

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