1. “Sponsor a Grandparent (SaG)”: SaG is one of the major ongoing empowerment projects where RH provides basic staple items (Food and Non Food) to the destitute elderly. To make it sustainable, RH has been trying to link each elderly beneficiary with a kind donor who commits on sponsoring the needy elderly and support for their monthly needs for the rest of their lives.

 2. Livestock distribution: RH has been distributing various livestock (goats & chickens) to economically marginalized families in rural parts of Nepal. The most recent distribution was done in Syangja, Nepal.

RH has been conducting “Non-formal Education for the Empowerment of Women (NEEW)” project to empower women who were deprived from receiving proper education in their earlier days. With successful completion of the project in Tudal Devi, Baluwatar- Kathmandu, RH is in the process of expanding the project in other rural parts of Nepal.