Rebuilding Bhakta Bahadur’s Shelter

Bhakta baa


“Whatever happens; happens for a reason” says Bhakta Bahadur Karki of Irkhu VDC-2, Sindhupalchowk.
74 years old Bhakta Bahadur lives a simple life in Irkhu village with a few buffaloes and no one else to call his own. Alone but charming, his daily routine after the quake has been clearing the debris, try and manage his belongings and farm his little land. Almost all of the youth are busy in demolition program from UN in his village leaving the elders on their own for chores like these. Some of his neighbors helped him during the immediate aftermath and looked after him but as the days passed by, he was on his own.

Bhakta Baje (2)



He had received some ration and blankets after the disaster and as the monsoon season approached, his only worry was to have a roof over his head and his temporary tarpaulin shelter wasn’t doing any good.

Bhaktas house (1)



Reaping Hope, with the help of friends abroad and volunteers from Jagaruk Nepal built a temporary shelter and donated CGI sheets to Bhakta Bahadur just in time. He can now live worry free in his new shelter until the aftershocks are over and his permanent shelter is built.


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