Nyano Kapada for Senior Citizens Posted February 7, 2018 by rhope


Reaping Hope (RH) had conducted an assessment in the area for its project Sponsor a Grandparent Phase-II, where it was found that a lot of senior citizens living in the rural area were still living in tin houses. As the winter season arrived and the temperature started to decrease day by day, the condition of senior citizens have worsen. Their tin houses are unable to serve them well in the winter and they have little to keep them warm in the winter. Sirak 1

Januka Shrestha and Padam Thapa Magar, members of Reaping Hope Team, initiated a fundraiser raised Nrs. 60,000 for supporting the senior citizens of aforementioned locations. 40 doubled sized thick blankets (‘Sirak’ in Nepali) were distributed in Mandan Deupur (20) and Phatakshila (20) on 4th February, 2018. The primary targets for the distribution were senior citizens living without caretakers or guardians.

Phatakshila 1Mandan 1
The distribution was done in presence of Ward Cairperson Mr. Bishnu Mani Nepal in Mandan Deupur. In Phatakshila, the distribution was done in coordination with local school teacher Mr. Ishwor Chaulagain.

Below are the names of kind donors who supported the cause:

  1. Amita Manandhar
  2. Arshu Pradhan
  3. Ashutosh Shrestha
  4. Ayush Karki
  5. Deependra Gurung
  6. Durga Shrestha
  7. Dyanne Dayot
  8. Florin Defta
  9. Januka Shrestha
  10. Kabita Sunuwar
  11. Laxmi Shrestha
  12. Madhav Paudel
  13. Manisha Singh
  14. Mohammed Dilshad
  15. Padam Thapa Magar
  16. Prabin Kc
  17. Purna Shrestha
  18. Reshma Rajbanshi
  19. Rita Marasini
  20. Sandev Shrestha
  21. Shashika Manamperi
  22. Sunil Bhujel
  23. Sushil Shrestha
  24. Yugal Ale