What we do

1. Livelihood
Livelihood support is one of the key interventions of Reaping Hope. RH strives to empower the vulnerable sections of the society, economically as well as socially, through various livelihood support initiatives.

2. Education
Because education plays a critical role in bringing positive and sustainable change(s) in individuals and/or society, Reaping Hope has incorporated education component in its intervention strategy. RH strives to deliver range of services to the downtrodden communities under this particular component.

3. Health
“Better health is central to human happiness and well-being. It also makes an important contribution to economic progress, as healthy populations live longer, are more productive, and save more.” - WHO

Taking the statement into account, Reaping Hope has been providing variety of health services to the downtrodden sections of the society since its inception. Additionally, RH also provides eye care support to the needy as required.

4. Emergency Management
After the catastrophic earthquake of April 2015 in Nepal, Reaping Hope apprehended inadequacy of agencies delivering proper services for Youth, Women and Elderly. Since then, RH has been responding several emergency events (particularly earthquake, flood and landslides) in Nepal. RH has also been working towards building resilient communities through holistic emergency management approach (disaster risk identification, risk reduction, readiness, disaster response and recovery).

5. Advocacy
Society is governed by the policies and plans developed by the government. In order to create positive and sustainable change, discriminatory policies/plans should be abolished or amended, and appropriate ones should be developed and brought into practice. RH works closely with government bodies, both central and local level, as well as with other concerned stakeholders such as civil society organizations and media in this regards. RH also strives toward creating mass awareness on their issues of their concern, through various campaigning initiatives.

5.1  Research and Publication
RH conducts a range of research and produce IEC materials in its areas of intervention. Advocacy initiatives of RH are always guided by the evidences generated from such research and studies.