Four Pillars of RH

Reaping Hope is guided by the following four pillars. Each and every activity Reaping Hope undertakes strives to achieve one or all of the following:

 i) Youth mobilization: Youth population holds larger share than any other age groups in most societies; development and humanitarian efforts can be efficient as well as sustainable if this population is mobilized properly.

ii) Skill transfer: Young generations are filled with new ideas and enthusiasm; on the other hand, elderly possess life-long-experiences. The entire community can benefit should their skills and knowledge are transferred between one another and mobilized properly.

iii) Empower: Past events portray women and elderly as the most vulnerable groups, and their needs and concerns are hardly addressed by humanitarian and development efforts. These groups have very limited or no access to financial matters and decision makings comparatively. Empowerment of these groups, both economically and socially, is very crucial.

iv) Gender mainstream: Mainstream Gender as cross-cutting issue in all areas of interventions in order to create an equitable society.