What we do

1. Awareness and Advocacy

- One of the major sectors of interventions of RH is raising awareness on senior citizen’s issues. RH believes that change within a society is possible only with a change in the perception of the mass. RH conducts different orientation programs and used mass and social media for awareness building among all age groups. RH also advocates in higher level for the betterment of senior citizens and improved legislation for them. Celebration of observance days related to senior citizens and elder care is also a part of RH awareness and advocacy campaigns.

2. Publication Generation

- RH has been publishing different ageing related IEC materials for campaigning and awareness raising purposes. RH had also published their newsletter and blogs for many years regarding elder news and issues. Besides these, many articles in journals and research reports have been published by RH members regarding elder issues.

3. Research and Studies

- Conducting researches and studies on senior citizens issues is another area of pursuit of RH. Mostly, senior citizens related researches and studies have been conducted in the past by the organization and by the individual members on their own.

4. Media Mobilization

- One of the major influential sectors is undoubtedly the media sector. RH aims to reach the majority of mass through mobilization of media. Audio/visual, online, social and printed media are generally used to disseminate positive messages regarding senior citizens and their issues. RH Youtube

5. Elderly Empowerment

- Although RH works primarily in raising awareness on senior citizen’s issues, the organization has also initiated economic and social empowerment projects for the elderly.                      Sponsor a Grandparent is one of the major ongoing empowerment projects where RH provides basic staple items (Food and Non Food) to elders in need. To make it sustainable, RH has been trying to link each elderly beneficiary with a kind donor who commits on adopting the elder and donate for their monthly needs for the rest of their lives. Similarly, RH has also initiated the ‘Elderly Literacy Campaign’ with support from Ministry of Women, Children and Social Welfare.