Volunteer with Reaping Hope (RH)

One of the important projects, Giving through Volunteerism and Exploration (GiVE) project is for those international volunteers who are interested to explore Nepal and also looking for an opportunity to help people/org in need. The GiVE Project is a support project which helps in the sustainability of our community projects like Sponsor a Grandparent.

We are a non-profit / non-governmental organisation which provides volunteer placements for those interested in working as a volunteer in Nepal. Whether you are looking to give your holiday a special touch, or a student looking for an internship abroad, RH Volunteering Project has a lot to offer. Our main priority is to assist the underprivileged people in Nepal.

Those who are looking for an unique experience abroad, have come to the right place. Please have a look around on our website, to see whether you have what it takes to be a volunteer and have an experience of a lifetime! If you have any questions after reading our website, please don’t hesitate to contact us!

For information, please refer to the top-right menu of the website. We have listed out all the information you might need to start the magical journey to help out in mystical Nepal.


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