Package Overview

In Nepal, now what…? 

You will have to send in all your flight details at least 10 days before your intended flight. All airfare to/from your home country to Kathmandu will be on your own expense. Once arrived at Kathmandu, one of our staff members will pick you up from the airport. We will take you to your hotel/host family and provide you with all the information you will need in the coming weeks. You will rest for a night to get over the jet-lag and time differences from your country.

The following day, we will have a short ice-breaking session on RH and about the projects you will be volunteering and QnA sessions. You will also get orientations on basic Nepali language and terms to use for basic things (like Yes, No, Thank You, Please, Where, How and What etc). During the night you can stroll into Thamel , Kathmandu’s main tourist area (on your own expense). Here you will find all sorts of restaurants, shops, hotels and bars.  

We will be covering the following things during this 3 day introduction period:

Kathmandu Sightseeing 

– Nepali language class

– General introduction to Nepali life / do’s and dont’s

– Visit your  placement and meet the people there. (If inside Kathmandu)

– Provide you with all the information you will need the upcoming weeks

– Breakfast and lunch at our cost in these three days.

After this introduction program, the actual volunteering will start. Half way through your volunteer program we will have an evaluation session in Kathmandu. Here you can talk to us about any problems you are facing and spend some time with your fellow volunteers to talk about all experiences. Many people really appreciate this moment because working in Nepal is quite a mind-blowing experience!

For volunteers who will be inside Kathmandu (and outside Kathmandu – if possible), it is recommended to meet up with fellow volunteers for unofficial experience sharing as this can be of lot more help for coming days.

During the introduction period; your hotel, travel expenses, language class, breakfast and lunch will be at our cost. Drinks, souvenirs and extra’s (trekking, bungee, mountain biking, rafting, canyoning etc) will be at your own expense. However, we can arrange for your adrenaline pumping experience at reasonable price as well (pssst: we have contacts). Charity trekking is one of the best activities you could do through which you can also help someone while quenching the thirst of your traveler soul.
The following weeks, until your volunteering time, only your accommodation, breakfast, lunch and dinner (all Nepali style) will be covered by your fees. You will have to pay extra according to the menu if you wish to have anything Non-Nepali.

Take a look at our FAQ for more information on ‘why should I pay’ and ‘how much money to bring’.

Most volunteers in Kathmandu spend about $ 10-15 a day extra. Bear in mind that people who are working outside of Kathmandu (in the more rural areas) will have limited access to all these facilities. Depending on your choice, you will either stay in a hotel in Kathmandu, or at a local guesthouse/ guest family on location. It’s cheaper than in Kathmandu, but more basic.
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