Placement Areas

There are an array of programs to choose from with RH volunteering. Different volunteers have different areas of interest and keeping that in mind, we have developed thematic programs from which our volunteers can choose from. The placement location can differ every year as newer program locations emerge while older ones are successfully completed so the location will be undisclosed until you send an inquiry about the thematic programs.

Currently, we have the following placements themes for our volunteers:

1) Care Placements: Care placements are further divided into two areas, Child Care and Elderly Care. You can choose to serve any of them according to your interest and experience. Child care covers serving in Orphanage Homes, Day Care Centers and even brick factories within Lalitpur and Bhaktapur. Under Elderly Care, you can choose to serve elders in Elder Day Care Centers and Old Age Homes.

2) Education Placements: Education programs are again divided into two categories, Elderly and Child. RH has been running Elderly Literacy Classes where you can volunteer to teach the elders or even train the facilitators. You can also choose to teach and train in public schools in different areas if you want to work with children.

3) Rehabilitation Placements: There are many disability centers to volunteer within Kathmandu and surrounding areas if you want to volunteer in rehabilitation program. Many such places are in need of helping hands as it is a challenging work in itself. New ideas are always welcome and we also encourage therapists to apply for this area of placement.

4) Reconstruction Placement: If you are willing to come to Nepal then you might already know about the damage the country has gone through due to the earthquake. There are a huge number of places undergoing reconstruction after the devastation. Many organizations are working in reconstruction projects in different rural areas. If helping in reconstruction is your thing, you will have a lot of places to choose from.

The placements areas are not limited to these 4 themes as there are a lot of places that needs people like you to help. We can also look upon your requests for different kind of placements if need be. We are all here to help and it is our pleasure to link you to people in need.

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