Old Books Project

What is ‘Old Books Project’?

Many of us are avid readers and might have huge number of books piled up in our book shelves never to be touched again. We do not want to sell them away and also do not want to throw them away, but then, we will not ever read them again because we have read it more than once and that’s it for the book.

What if you could help someone needy with those books? What if your used books could feed someone who cannot afford their everyday meal? What if you could save humanity with the power of books, literally.

The ‘Old Books Project‘ is a fundraising initiative by RH where you can support by DONATING your old books and also BUYING used books as a contribution to Sponsor a Grandparent Project. RH will collect used books and sell them at a maximum of 60% of the actual price (depending on the condition of book) so that the buyers can get books of their choice in cheap AND contribute to the cause at the same time. The collected amount from sold books will go directly to the Sponsor a Grandparent Project.

Got it!! How can I help?

  • If you wish to donate books, you can drop them at these collection points, wherever is accessible for you.
  • If you want to buy used books, you can contact RH via its Facebook Page and get your book at a maximum of 60% cost of the actual price (depending on the condition of book). The transaction process can be sorted out after you contact us.