Reaping Hope (RH) has been continuously working on different elder and youth related programs since its inception in 2011 and has come a long way in these 6 years. Community welfare programs like Elder Literacy Classes and Sponsor a Grandparent (SAG) are some of the ongoing in-house projects run by RH which were initiated solely by internal fundraising and linking individual sponsors with destitute senior citizens. As a part of the RH fundraising strategy, we have officially launched the RH Volunteering Project from August 2017 to promote community service through volunteerism and ensure the sustainability of our community projects. The RH volunteering project is mainly targeted towards international volunteers who are interested to explore Nepal and are also looking for an opportunity to help people/org in need. Whether they are looking to give their holiday a special touch, or a student looking for an internship abroad, RH Volunteering Project has a lot to offer. Our main priority is to assist the underprivileged people in Nepal through volunteerism. For information, please refer to the top-right menu of the website. We have listed out all the information you might need to start the magical journey to help out in mystical Nepal.

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