Elderly Women Literacy Campaign Posted January 6, 2017 by rhope


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With support from Ministry of Women, Children and Social Welfare, Reaping Hope has been running the ‘Elderly Literacy Campaign’ in Tudal Devi Temple, Baluwatar. The objective of the campaign is to promote active ageing in productive ways and also empower elders to be able to at least identify Nepali alphabets and numbers.

Today’s society is swarming with waves of new technology and modernization where everyone is connected to one another easily through different devices, but not for elders. Although they have access to regular phones or even smartphones, they have to seek help from younger ones to be able to connect lines with their children living abroad, relatives or anyone else. It is not easy for elders to call someone even in case of urgency.

RH hopes this small step can be beneficial to the elders in coming days and plans on further extending this campaign to rural areas of Nepal. Heaps thanks to Tudaldevi Police Beat, Health Post and the Management Committee for the support.


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